Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chocolate and Citrus Handmade Soap


Hello everyone,
I was at a tag sale a couple of weeks ago, and it was amazing! They had an incredible offer; one whole bag for $1! I got a lot of good stuff including a gorgeous pair of black leather Nine West boots. At the register they gave us free homemade soap. I have yet to use it, but my aunt used it and she was impressed. The way it looks is what blows my mind. It appears to be so raw and fresh. The ones I got were chocolate and citrus. I could smell the citrus one all day without getting sick of it, which is usually a challenge for me.

What is your favorite scent?

Live the way you love. Love the way you live.
Elle :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

All the rage; Round sunglasses

Hello everyone,
This is a new little segment on my blog called "All the rage". What it is, is basically what's hot right now when it comes to street style, celebrities or the runway.
So all the rage right now is round sunglasses. They are back in and I could not be happier. They have such a cool vibe to them that I really appreciate. They give an edge to any outfit, even a cute little summer dress! The make an outfit instantly put together, like a blazer or a leather jacket would do.

What do you think? Love them? Hate them?

Live the life you love. Love the life you live.
Elle :)

(Pictures found on tumblr. I do not own any of them.)